Welcome to Thousand Oaks Mastiffs. We have a small family oriented breeding program. At Thousand Oaks we believe in sound, healthy mastiffs that are happy in the show ring or on your couch. As members of the Mastiff Club of America and founding members of the Lone Star Mastiff Fanciers we uphold their high breeding standards and wish only to better the breed. All dogs must achieve their championship title before being considered in our breeding program as well as thorough testing.

We test our dogs for hip and elbow dysplasia, cerf’t, and gene test them for PRA. From birth our puppies are hand raised and well socialized with other dogs, horses, birds, and yes even cats. They are trusted with our daughter who plays a big part in raising and training the pups and of course giving lots of unconditional love. We offer both show and pet quality dogs with prices ranging accordingly. If you are interested in one of these wonderful animals, please contact us using the menu above.


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